Truly Independent Platform Services

Truly Independent Ltd® Platform Services, or TIPS, is our generic investment proposition and outlines the essential elements a client should consider to maximize the opportunity to achieve successful investing.

We are able to offer clients an unrestricted, broad investment choice of products which include the use of Platforms. Platform investment allows the more commonly used investments and pensions (such as ISA and SIPP) to be accessible in one place. Some firms market such platform access and service as 'wealth management' yet in truth, we feel this wording is a guise to 'shoehorn' clients into a restricted proposition. In contrast, we advise on which Platform, product and fund manager is more appropriate for the individual client.

TIPS for clients:
Ensure your risk versus reward is considered, understood and assessed properly
Only invest money that you are certain you will not need in the short term
Avoid trying to follow "flavours of the month" investment opportunities and avoid sales people
Spread your investment across different asset classes not just different investment companies
Take only Independent Advice

We tend to think of risk in predominantly negative terms, as something to be avoided or a threat that we hope won't materialise. In the investment world, however, risk is inseparable from performance and, rather than being desirable or undesirable, it is simply necessary. A Truly Independent Ltd® adviser will help you to understand risk versus reward in making investment decisions and how much to invest and over what term.

Investment success depends upon holding, reviewing and realigning, where necessary, a portfolio diversified by asset, geography and fund. This is no easy matter and a Cautious investor will require a different approach to a Speculative one. For different objectives a different risk profile and therefore investment spread, will be required. We construct portfolios that will stand the test of time. Our service proposition with you is to provide advice and financial guidance over the long term, not sell you the latest fashionable fund or product. There will be times when certain assets have under performed and vice versa; this is the whole point of diversification versus speculation.

Asset allocation is the practice of diversifying assets between different asset classes. Asset allocation has been recognized as a very important part of the process of building a portfolio. In fact, a number of studies have found that the decision as to how to divide up a portfolio into several classes is more important than the process of choosing the actual stocks, bonds, and funds that are owned. Your model asset allocation will be determined by the amount of risk you are prepared to accept and also the amount of time you are able to let your investment grow. To assist us in the process of asset allocation we select the most appropriate 'model' asset allocation for you from a series of standard models developed by True Potential. It is important that your portfolio is monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains in line with this 'model'

Pensions - contact us

To build up a good pension and secure your future plans, you'll want to make sure you're receiving the best and Truly Independent Ltd® advice in order to maximise your returns.

Pension funds now offer a much wider range of investment opportunities than ever before, with Self-Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPs) giving you a greater influence over the investment decisions relating to your funds. Additionally, apart from simply planning for your retirement with a standard Personal Pension Plan or Stakeholder Plan, you can even set up a pension for your grandchildren and start saving now for their future.

Whatever your needs and wishes, a Truly Independent Ltd® Adviser will help you review your individual circumstances and advise you on the most suitable options available regardless of your age and term to retirement.

Investments - contact us

On a one-to-one basis, our Truly Independent Ltd® Advisers can undertake a review of your personal circumstances and help you make investments decisions that are crucial to your future financial needs. Investment plans can vary greatly and as such, our advisers are best placed to match the right plan to your own objectives.

Paying for advice should not be confused with the implementation of an investment sale.

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