Why you need protection
Life can be unpredictable. No one knows what the future holds for him or her. Imagine how your family would cope financially if you were to die prematurely or be diagnosed with a critical illness or simply fall ill and be unable to work for many months? Who will provide the income? Who will pay those crucial bills?

Life Insurance Protection
A life assurance protection plan is the most easily understood protection plan. It can provide for your family if you die or become terminally ill and it can also be used to repay a debt such as a loan or mortgage, but the need for protection doesn't stop there. Advances in medical science mean that where previously people died from all types of serious illnesses, such as stroke, cancer and heart disease, more and more are surviving. And not just for a few months - often several years.

Critical Illness Protection
Surviving a serious illness can have a big financial impact on you, your family and your finances. Not only do you and your family need to come to terms with your illness, but you may still have the mortgage and all those other household bills to pay. And if you're off work, you may not have a salary coming in each month. While many of us recognise the need for protection should we die prematurely, we often overlook the fact that we also need protection should we live. Critical Illness cover is there to provide funds, usually a lump sum, for those define and more serious conditions that you are unlikely to recover from.

Income Protection
We all take so much for granted; the fact that we take out insurance policies on cars, homes and holidays is a given, and the majority of people also take being able to work and look after their family for granted too.

So, what would you do if through accident or illness your income were cut by 75%?

By taking out an Income Protection plan you're creating security for you and your family should the unfortunate happen. We believe that Income Protection should be the cornerstone of your financial plan and can help you review your contract of employment and work out what essential expenses to cover on a monthly basis.

Main types of financial protection cover

Life assurance
Typically providing a lump sum upon the death of the life assured

Income protection insurance (IPI)
Providing a regular income when the insured is unable to work due to accident or illness

Critical illness cover (CIC)
Providing a lump sum if the life assured is diagnosed as suffering from one of the listed critical illnesses

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI)
Providing a regular income to cover mortgage repayments if the insured is unable to work due to illness, accident, redundancy or unemployment

Personal accident and sickness insurance (PAS)
Providing a lump sum or income benefits if the insured suffers an accident or falls ill

Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance (ASU)
Providing a lump sum or income benefits if the insured suffers an accident or is unable to work due to sickness, redundancy or unemployment

Long-term care insurance (LTCI)
Providing cover towards the costs of long term care due to old age of infirmity

Private medical insurance (PMI)
Providing cover towards the costs of private medical treatment. It is also worth pointing out that it's possible for different types of cover to be provided by one single contract, e.g. term assurances can include optional critical illness cover.

Business Protection

As a business owner you've worked hard to build your business, have invested in your staff and enjoy a trusting and fruitful relationship with them, your shareholders and your customers. And no doubt you've abided with the law and insured your premises and liabilities etc, but have you overlooked one of your key assets?

What impact would losing a key person through serious illness or death have on your company profits? And if this concerned shareholders or a business partner, how would your business cope if you couldn't buy out their interests? Even if you're a sole trader, you'll need to ensure you've provision in place to keep your business afloat should you fall ill. Many business owners are unaware of business protection but whatever your circumstances, there's a protection policy to suit your needs. From Key Person insurance to Partnership protection to Relevant Life policies we can help you identify your requirements and ensure your business is safeguarded whatever the future should bring.

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