About Us

Truly Independent Ltd® is a firm of experienced independent financial advisers who provide a traditional method of face to face independent financial planning advice.

Launched in 2010, our aim is to distance ourselves from other traditional Financial Adviser firms by fully embracing and promoting the magic of advanced modern technology and to redefine 'Independence'.

Defining Impartial advice of the highest quality

Truly - Definition: "with sincerity; without pretence; in accordance with truth or fact or reality".

Independent - Definition: "free from external control and constraint: not controlled or influenced by a party or interested group".

We are strong believers that everyone, whatever their financial position, should have access to independent financial advice that is not governed or influenced by others. Only then can a client be confident that any recommendations given are both client specific and impartial.

Only then can you claim to be ...Truly Independent Ltd®

Truly Independent Ltd® Ltd able to give truly independent advice because unlike some IFAs we are not tied to, owned, funded, or influenced, by any bank, product provider, or other third party. This gives us the freedom to use our expertise and innovative thinking to research the whole of the market for the best financial solutions. committed to providing accessible, affordable, truly independent financial advice, that is individually tailored to your requirements. Whether looking for the most cost effective method of providing protection or seeking future financial security through structured savings, investments and pension planning, we aim to ensure your hard-earned income and capital continues to work hard for you. dedicated to building lasting and profitable relationships with both our clients and professional connections, based on mutual respect and benefit. We strive to give comprehensive support and provide high standards of ongoing service.

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